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This eclipse also sextiles Uranus and Vesta in Taurus. Right now, radical change is being sparked in the areas of our lives where we least expect or desire it, but probably need it most. With steady, calm, and patient devotion, we can stay present through all the twists and turns of this transformative eclipse season. One more word to the wise: Communication is key at this new moon, with Mercury conjunct Mars and Juno in Leo and preparing to go retrograde on July 7. Try not to take things personally, keep your sense of humor…and give yourself a time out if you need one!

Something about you feels like home, Cancer. If relationship roles have become too restrictive, give yourself permission to outgrow them. Feeling insecure?

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Look for strength in softness and find victory in vulnerability. Celebrate what you bring to the table, while appreciating what others have to contribute. But you may be surprised to find that not all your loved ones are on board with your new direction. Welcome to your spiritual awakening, Scorpio! Whether this effect is an astrological one or not, is a moot point, though recent scientific work on the effects of the Moon on earthquakes and other terrestrial phenomena is interesting.

No doubt they would hasten to deny any astrological effect! See my article on Moon Wobbles.

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The eclipse being in Sagittarius means that people with Mutable signs Gemini; Virgo; Sagittarius; Pisces featured in their birthcharts are more likely to be affected. The next eclipse of the Sun will be in Gemini on May 20, , but the next total Solar Eclipse is not until Nov 13, The eclipse of the Moon, when the light of the Moon mysteriously darkens at the luminous height of a Full Moon, has traditionally been viewed as a bad omen. It can awaken distinctly irrational responses.

Since the Moon governs domestic matters, the public and the emotional personality, rather than leadership, it tends to have a more personal effect than the solar eclipse, which plays a more outward, even political, role. As a rule, women and family are generally more affected by the lunar cycle, whereas men and politics are signified by the solar. This is not to say that women are not political animals, nor that men are distinct from the family, but that the private, nurturing side is more affected than the public, social and media driven arena, which even in the 21st Century is still primarily dominated by males, or at least by what might be described as masculine energies.

This magnificent spectacle will be the last lunar eclipse of , a powerful total eclipse that occurs at the Moon's descending node in the middle of the constellation Auriga , the Charioteer.

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It's a moderately lengthy eclipse, with the total phase itself lasting 51 minutes. The entire cosmic show is visible from Asia and Australia. For North Americans, the eclipse is in progress as the Moon sets with western observers favoured by a larger fraction of the eclipse before moonset. Observers throughout Europe and Africa will miss the early eclipse phases because they occur before moonrise. Unfortunately, the eclipse cannot be seen from South America or Antarctica. When the Moon is completely immersed within the Earth's dark umbral shadow, scientists call this totality. During totality, a number of bright stars can be used for magnitude comparisons.

After the total phase ends, we will see a partial eclipse as the Moon gradually leaves the umbral shadow. To view NASA's graphic illustration of the Moon's path through Earth's shadows, as well as Fred Espenak's map illustrating worldwide visibility, click here! It is a part of the asterism The Kids in the lap of the Charioteer, just below the she-goat Amalthea he is holding. In mythology Amalthea nourished the infant Jupiter. Fortunately for us, it is rising, bringing out its better side, though not if you are a mariner, as storms are indicated, possibly even earthquakes.

The Devil is a card about excess, pleasure and abandon. It suggests a charismatic leader who promises to fulfil all our desires, but in the end takes the power to be truly ourselves away from us. As Thirteen says, "This card is about temptation and control, addictions and manipulation. It asks us a most important question: who or what will we allow to enslave us?

And who or what will be under our control? Only by understanding this part of ourselves can we gain power over it and use it to our benefit rather than letting it use us. Under this influence, which occurs as Mercury, the ruler of this Gemini eclipse is retrograde in Sagittarius , suggesting breakdowns in communication and misunderstandings, especially regarding the greater social issues at play in the world. The Sun in the eclipse is in Sagittarius, as the Sun and Moon are always opposed at a lunar eclipse.

It is conjunct the Fixed Star Sabik , which is not one you'd bring home to mother. Sabik in Ophiuchus warns of wastefulness and lost energy, perverted morals—and success in evil deeds. Not such a good look. Especially when we consider that the Sun is square Mars and Ceres. Mars the Warrior is slowing in the heavens towards his own retrograde phase in Virgo, which will begin on Jan.

This is significant because Mars is in a very stressful T-square aspect to the Moon's nodal axis, the Dragon's Head and Tail, which is the cosmic indicator of fate. Mars is also in a slightly wider T-square to the eclipse itself. The minor planet Ceres, oten a harbinger of disaster, is also square the eclipse from Pisces, thus completing a Grand Cross in the heavens, pushing us to extend our consciousness in order to deal with what looks pretty stressful, even calamitous. Fortunately Venus in Capricorn is also in tight aspect to the eclipse, and in a hopefully beneficial trine aspect to Mars, so her love of beauty and harmony along with sex and relationships might ease the pain, especially for Earth Signs, so long as her notorious greed for money does not upset the applecart given the shaky state of the world's financial system.

Venus is conjunct the Fixed Star Sheliak , promising the expression of artistic talent and sexual adventures, but warning of disgrace and gaudiness. Independent thought is likely to bring trouble with authority, and death by violence. Very suited to an aspect with Mars, whose passions when released are as irresistable as a steamroller. Mars in the figure is conjunct a fortunate star, Coxa , which is good for voyages, gain from merchandise and the redemption of captives—and gives the ability to prophesy!

Will this outweigh the stormy influence of The Kids..? It is stimulated by the trine from Venus, suggesting the outflow of passion, wine, women, song—the lot! So it's a great night for a Full Moon party, so long as you don't live in a war zone, because the other side of Ascella brings burning and poison. Let's pray there are no violent shipwrecks, or natural disasters, not to mention vicious suppression by the authorities of popular dissent. I should warn that while both Mars the focal point of subliminal drives and Pluto a cosmic big hitter, marking destruction, transformation and regeneration are both conjunct fortunate stars and in good planetary aspects that calm their nerves, they are both heading for very stressful celestial connections in times to come.

Mars will reach the nasty conjunction with the Fixed Star Mizar , connected with fires of a catastrophic extent and mass calamities on the weekend of the 17th Dec. Facies is associated with blindness, violent death, sickness, accidents and broken limbs. It is fond of leadership and war, but is noted for coldness, detachment and perfectionism. Facies awakens earthquakes and pure combative energies.

Quite a mix for Mars to dive into! One good thing brought out by this configuration is the stimulus for adventure, risk-taking, artistic and musical creativity, often awakened by disasters of one sort or another. All of this is interesting but what does it all mean? Well I have to say that the solar eclipse in Sagittarius, combined with a retro Mercury there has had a signally bad effect on me! I have come down with a dreadful dose of bronchitis which is what has delayed this part of the article so long.

I am barely able to sit upright, so this shows what can happen. Sagittarius is my rising sign, and indicator of health, and since I am a Cancerian, it occurs also in my 6th solar house, the house of health! That's good support for the solar houses, despite what some astrologers believe. Anciently, horoscopes can be drawn from a number of points including the Sun, Moon, Dragon's Head and others and these give great insight into the forces at work.

Indeed to this day in India astrologers routinely draw up what they call vargas , or divisional charts, based on other starting points than the ascendant. Assad is a cultured man, a doctor, but this may not save him. Being born under a Full Moon is always a risk! The Arabs have turned against him, as has the West, leaving just about his only ally Iran, the bad-boy of the Middle East at least according to the US, the Israelis and the Arabs. In Europe, the Sun of the eclipse is conjunct the natal Saturn restriction; suffering of the European Community. They are in a serious situation that does not give them much fun!

European leaders may want or be forced to demonstrate that they are reliable and trustworthy, but the fact that the Moon the public is opposing this point at the eclipse does not augur well for them. They are hoping that their past hard work may get the recognition it deserves, but what the people will think is that it already has, and now they deserve to be tossed out altogether. As a result of past neglect or abuse, close relationships in Europe especially political and financial ones are seriously threatened, or may even be severed.

Whatever is gained will only come at an extremely high price; a price they may come to regret paying. It has come to light in the past week that the billion dollars of taxpayers money doled out to the likes of Citibank et al is nowhere near the true amount. One of my contacts in the financial world passed this on to me:. So how does the eclipse affect this? It's come out, for a start. Secondly, the lunar eclipse is exactly square to Mars in the Wall Street chart, suggesting that the financial wizards and their political cronies will have to make a complete turnabout, if they and their flawed system are to survive at all, let alone return to the good old days of ridiculous profiteering at the expense of the People.

They will have to manage the emotional effects with great care, especially in the media and the public sphere, where the Moon will be conjunct the south node karma; loss. If others challenge what they are doing, or get in their way, they won't stop to prove anything or engage in time- and energy-wasting games. The uber-capitalists now evidently turned socialists will simply keep moving along. We have already seen the governments in the US turn on the "Occupy" protesters.

Our financial guides will be all for "competition", but the odds are that if aggression is allowed to get out of hand, nothing much will be accomplished.

The Astrological Significance of Eclipses

The Middle East and Europe are another ball-park altogether. There will be a lot of stress on the hearts and heads of those involved. In order to shore up his own position, President Obama may have to take quite strong action, as his Mars is also square the eclipse, although in the house of other people's money. With different planets and unique astrological events, it designs its annual calendar. Across cultures, our ancestors recognized and used astrology as a tool to get insights for higher dimension. It gives access to universal wisdom and unfolds significant life happenings.

A birds-eye view of astrological events of can greatly help you in determining the changes that you are going to face in the coming year!

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It will help us to lead our life with the right attitude and will guide us to set the proper base for new strategies. A solar eclipse in Capricorn is an indication of promising new beginnings. So, roll up your sleeves and be ready for hard work, as this eclipse is related to the planet Saturn.

It will give justice to your perseverance. The new opportunity will knock on your door, and the goat energy will harvest maximum returns. Use these inspiring vibes by seeding significant projects. Date: January 13, June 16, September 21 Future occurrence: Neptune gives illusionary insights, and Jupiter brings expansion energy when its aspects.

Want to know the impact of it in your life? Well, this is the time you may fall in love with the wrong person, or you will feel happier than ever before. This phase will bring a temporary illusion about the person and situations in your life. After 21st September, you should not worry about these misleading energies till This eclipse is a reminder of love!

Sometimes we keep on searching something desperately that we are completely unaware that it was right there in your vicinity all these times! What are you craving the most? Does it fulfill? This eclipse happens under the sign of Leo, which is an aggressive, passionate, and dominating sign! This eclipse will bring your deepest desires on the surface and remind you of fulfilling the same, as well.

Dates: January 31, June 18, November 8 Future occurrence: Neptune is idealistic by nature and will give you a blurry view of your future. But with the Saturn, your hard work may transform in reality. This is a significant transformation phase. All the impossible dreams will look at least effort worthy. After 8th Nov, you will not have another such chance! Allow yourself to daydream and fantasize more in this Mercury-Pisces duo!

Because this retrograde will deplete your energies. You may feel exhausted without doing anything, and you may be late at your workplace under the spell of this retrograde. Use this time wisely.